Month: February 2020

Safety First!

We think safety pays for us all. Every month that we have no lost time accidents we like celebrate and do a raffle. The happy man in the photo is Shawn, one of our team leaders. We are so glad he won, because we all know that cooler means more camping adventures together. Though we didn’t think it through because this cooler locks and is grizzly bear “resistant”. Shawn loves adventure and will no doubt see if it holds up to that promise!

Congratulations Shawn!

Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

It’s the last 3 days of the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show! Remember, if you are a past client of ours, your tickets are on us! You know how to get in touch, so see you there!

Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

It’s the last 4 days of the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show! Remember, if you are a past client of ours, your tickets are on us! You know how to get in touch, so see you there!

But can you ask questions?

Good morning Cincinnati!

Another great day is starting to unfold here at BBC HQ and as we are in the very thick of Home Show season we get a-lot of questions. We really enjoy questions and we hope to always be helpful. One of the things that potential client say to us that they have had bad experiences with other contractors because they felt uncomfortable asking questions. Often, we hear people say that they thought that they would make the contractor angry with asking questions.

We certainly can’t know the dynamics of the situation, but we will go on record and say that if you are considering hiring someone that you don’t feel that you can communicate freely with, it may be best to hit the big red “Try Again!” button.

Who loves a good Podcast?

Over the last year, I’ve kind of fallen in love with listening to Podcasts of all kinds. I really enjoy listening to things that have to do with our industry.

I’m not sure if you will think it’s good or not, but I sure did have fun with one of our friends and vendors, Rick Wedding. Rick is a guy who I just have a ton of respect for and he is beginning to branch out into producing all kinds of content to help homeowners. We were able to do a podcast together. Check it out!

Who’s Ready?

We really enjoy this time of year…even if our feet don’t! We enjoy very much meeting our Cincinnati area neighbors and talking about your projects in person! It’s a great excuse to meet many new and interesting people and the best part is that we can all nerd out together!

So come down to the show, say hello, and let’s dream together a bit!

Old made used!

Hey Cincinnati!

We just wanted to share with you a bit about 2 of our favorite projects. Sometimes just getting a chance to be creative and have just the right thing on hand is such a rush! (Yes…we are building Nerds!).

We had the privilege of renovating an old farm home into a Bed and Breakfast in Northern Kentucky. The owner let us salvage several old beams and take them back to the shop. The beams were from the original construction of the home in the mid 1800’s. Then opportunity hit! One of our very next clients had amazing ideas and a great vision. They contracted with us for several bathroom renovations and we were able to integrate some of these beams into the work. We had a great time and we think it was a great team effort!

What’s The Process?

What’s The Process?

Hey Cincinnati!

Happy Friday to everyone! What a great day to answer another question that so many of the people we talk to want to know:

What’s The Process??

Well, glad you asked! This is a document we developed to answer just that. Anyone who is good at their job knows that if you have a process and repeat it often things only get better. This is just a peek at one of our processes that we would share with you during an in home consultation.

Thanks for stopping by, make it a great weekend Cincinnati!

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