Month: May 2020

Choices make all the Difference!

Hey Cincinnati!😁

I think we have all been around long enough to know that sometimes understanding simple choices often make all the difference. This is very true in remodeling.

There has been a terrible labor shortage in our industry for a few years now. Manufacturers often bear this in mind as new building products are developed or refined. Many manufacturers realize that with a shortage of people entering the trades they will need to deliver products that are easier to install. Sometimes that makes a-lot of difference for our clients. We always try to invest your remodeling dollars as efficiently as possible, and look for ways to add value. One of the ways we try to do add value with decks is recommend products like this railing pictured above. The cost of this railing per linear foot is much more expensive than a traditional wood railing, however, when you factor in the labor savings your investment goes more into the product vs the labor. When you add in the other features (like a 25yr warranty) it becomes a great decision! Thanks for tuning in, we hope to help you with your project soon!

Quarantine Cozy!

It’s amazing what a renovation can bring to a family room. We were able to improve the feel of the space by adding recessed lighting, tiling over the old brick fireplace, putting the TV on a pull out mount and finishing up with built in cabinetry, paint and flooring. We call it quarantine cozy!

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