Month: September 2020

The Cost of Doing Business.

Hey Cincinnati! Happy Early Fall!😁

I know sometimes people think I’m just a little too happy about that!

Let’s talk for a moment about the cost of doing business. Sometimes when we present people with one of our Comprehensive Project Evaluations they are a bit shocked at all the steps required to perform a seemingly simple operation such as the replacing a porch as pictured above.

We often joke with our clients that simple and easy are two different things. Like any professional our crews make thinks look easy, but that level of performance comes on the backside of nothing but time and miles in the trade.

Just know Cincinnati that we are excited to serve you, no matter how many steps it takes!

It’s nice to be noticed!

We were recently recognized by Qualified Remodeler Magazine as on of 100 contractors with a Remarkable Customer Satisfaction Score for 2020! It is really nice to be noticed, but even more to be noticed for something that was one of the reasons we started the company. You see, we grew up working along side our father and grandfathers and were taught over and over again how important doing your best was! We feel serving anther person in any capacity is life’s highest calling. When people trust you with their money and their home, performing a task that they often cannot do themselves…that’s a big deal! So that you Cincinnati for allowing us to earn a living doing what we love!

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