Month: November 2020

You Made It!

Happy Friday Cincinnati!

If your reading this, you made it to Friday! Well done!

We have a good lookin crew don’t we? OK, be gentle, we are a pretty sensitive bunch!

2020 has got to take the cookie for the year of change. One of the best parts of everyone’s week here at Biehl Brothers Contracting is our Friday employee meeting.

Unfortunately, in person meetings are not the best practice right now (and our annual Christmas party is cancelled too….thanks for nuthin’ Corona!) , so we have been meeting virtually. Chase and I are so grateful to our team for being flexible, embracing change for the good of the group, and always staying positive especially when tough decisions need to be made.

Thanks to you also Cincinnati, for keeping us running through a very challenging year!

Working Remotely!

Hey Cincinnati!

I bumped across a statistic about a week ago that claimed 42% of America’s work force now earns a living remotely! I don’t know if that’s true or not, but we have been doing that for years….kind of!

Years ago, we invested in the Co-Construct platform to run our business and it’s a real win for our clients and keeping track of all we need to do! Our clients, with just the app on their phone can (and have) manage their project from anywhere in the world!

Just as Covid hit, we contracted with a couple that does not even live in Ohio to renovate a condo here in Cincinnati to serve as their retreat when they visit family.

That’s also a valuable piece of mind with the larger projects we specialize in, moving out of the home may be necessary for part of the project. Many of our clients really enjoy being on vacation or traveling for business to stay away from the distractions of a renovation.

So know that if you’re in town or not, we have you covered!

Just Enough!

Happy Monday Cincinnati!

It’s the day before election day and I don’t know about you, but it seems like with all the mailers I get from our candidates lining my recycling bin we have gone way overboard!

On another note. I wanted to touch on “Just Enough”.

This is a project we completed earlier in the year for a wonderful couple that needed an extension to their roof to cover the entrance to the basement as leaves and debris would collect at the bottom of the stairwell, and often cause the drain to back up. They also needed just the right amount of extension to their roof to give them shade in the afternoons when they like to sit out in the back yard together (and escape political ads on TV no doubt). Quite often, we get to make really fun customizations to homes that make home an even more special place to be!

Make it a great day Cincinnati!

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