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The Cost of Doing Business.

Hey Cincinnati! Happy Early Fall!😁

I know sometimes people think I’m just a little too happy about that!

Let’s talk for a moment about the cost of doing business. Sometimes when we present people with one of our Comprehensive Project Evaluations they are a bit shocked at all the steps required to perform a seemingly simple operation such as the replacing a porch as pictured above.

We often joke with our clients that simple and easy are two different things. Like any professional our crews make thinks look easy, but that level of performance comes on the backside of nothing but time and miles in the trade.

Just know Cincinnati that we are excited to serve you, no matter how many steps it takes!

It’s nice to be noticed!

We were recently recognized by Qualified Remodeler Magazine as on of 100 contractors with a Remarkable Customer Satisfaction Score for 2020! It is really nice to be noticed, but even more to be noticed for something that was one of the reasons we started the company. You see, we grew up working along side our father and grandfathers and were taught over and over again how important doing your best was! We feel serving anther person in any capacity is life’s highest calling. When people trust you with their money and their home, performing a task that they often cannot do themselves…that’s a big deal! So that you Cincinnati for allowing us to earn a living doing what we love!

Choices make all the Difference!

Hey Cincinnati!😁

I think we have all been around long enough to know that sometimes understanding simple choices often make all the difference. This is very true in remodeling.

There has been a terrible labor shortage in our industry for a few years now. Manufacturers often bear this in mind as new building products are developed or refined. Many manufacturers realize that with a shortage of people entering the trades they will need to deliver products that are easier to install. Sometimes that makes a-lot of difference for our clients. We always try to invest your remodeling dollars as efficiently as possible, and look for ways to add value. One of the ways we try to do add value with decks is recommend products like this railing pictured above. The cost of this railing per linear foot is much more expensive than a traditional wood railing, however, when you factor in the labor savings your investment goes more into the product vs the labor. When you add in the other features (like a 25yr warranty) it becomes a great decision! Thanks for tuning in, we hope to help you with your project soon!

Quarantine Cozy!

It’s amazing what a renovation can bring to a family room. We were able to improve the feel of the space by adding recessed lighting, tiling over the old brick fireplace, putting the TV on a pull out mount and finishing up with built in cabinetry, paint and flooring. We call it quarantine cozy!

Seeing the Future!

Hey Cincinnati!

Happy Friday Eve! We all like it when a plan comes together right?! How about when you could see the plan before the construction ever starts?

Well, we are able to help you out. With each contracted project we do, we include design. We include shopping and selection time with one of our talented designers, and then as you pick things out, we are able to digitally map many of those exact selections into a 3D rendering of the project. So no more fear of how things will look and biting your nails hoping it will all turn out.

We’d enjoy helping you with your next project, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Safety First!

We think safety pays for us all. Every month that we have no lost time accidents we like celebrate and do a raffle. The happy man in the photo is Shawn, one of our team leaders. We are so glad he won, because we all know that cooler means more camping adventures together. Though we didn’t think it through because this cooler locks and is grizzly bear “resistant”. Shawn loves adventure and will no doubt see if it holds up to that promise!

Congratulations Shawn!

Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

It’s the last 3 days of the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show! Remember, if you are a past client of ours, your tickets are on us! You know how to get in touch, so see you there!

Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

It’s the last 4 days of the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show! Remember, if you are a past client of ours, your tickets are on us! You know how to get in touch, so see you there!

But can you ask questions?

Good morning Cincinnati!

Another great day is starting to unfold here at BBC HQ and as we are in the very thick of Home Show season we get a-lot of questions. We really enjoy questions and we hope to always be helpful. One of the things that potential client say to us that they have had bad experiences with other contractors because they felt uncomfortable asking questions. Often, we hear people say that they thought that they would make the contractor angry with asking questions.

We certainly can’t know the dynamics of the situation, but we will go on record and say that if you are considering hiring someone that you don’t feel that you can communicate freely with, it may be best to hit the big red “Try Again!” button.

Who loves a good Podcast?

Over the last year, I’ve kind of fallen in love with listening to Podcasts of all kinds. I really enjoy listening to things that have to do with our industry.

I’m not sure if you will think it’s good or not, but I sure did have fun with one of our friends and vendors, Rick Wedding. Rick is a guy who I just have a ton of respect for and he is beginning to branch out into producing all kinds of content to help homeowners. We were able to do a podcast together. Check it out!

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