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Hey Cincinnati!

It’s Friday eve! If your looking for something to do this weekend, inside, where it’s warm, come visit us at the Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo this weekend…on US!

Hope to see you there!


Hey Cincinnati!

It’s Friday eve! If your looking for something to do this weekend, inside, where it’s warm, come visit us at the Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo this weekend…on US!

Hope to see you there!

I can’t bear it!

Hey Cincinnati!

Everybody knows that a house is only as good as the foundation it sits on. We have found that it is NOT common knowledge that decks, sunrooms, and covered porches (with rare exceptions) cannot sit on existing concrete.

Why not you ask? Great question! The first answer is that the pressure and weight of a structure like the one pictured above would compromise a typical driveway or patio slab (usually 4-6″ thick).

The second reason is, a foundation must sit below the frost line (minimum 32″ in Ohio). If a structure is set upon a driveway or patio slab as the ground freezes and thaws that concrete moves. This is especially dangerous if the other end of a deck or a roof is attached to your house. The part of the structure bearing on the slab will move, the part anchored to your home will resist movement creating a host of issues.

More fun tomorrow, stay tuned!

I can’t bear it! Part II

Welcome back Cincinnati!

Yesterday we talked about the importance of a foundation, specifically pier foundations on decks and covered porches. Another reason dedicated piers (as opposed to setting the structure on an existing slab of concrete) is for uplift. When wind blows toward a structure, the structure blocks the wind. This makes sense. The part that is often left from the equation is that when the structure blocks the wind, the wind is redirected and must move around it somehow. Often this leads the wind to blow upwards, against the underside of a deck, or roof. Believe it or not, the wind can generate enough force to lift an entire structure. Piers coupled with proper steel connecting hardware also serve against uplift.

Just think, had Dorothy’s house been properly secured atop a sturdy foundation, the wicked witch would have lived another day!

Make it a great day Cincinnati, see you back here tomorrow!

Secret Gardener Revealed!

OK, before this has a chance to go anywhere negative we wanted to let you know where we are coming from. We realize this last year has really amped up how most of us feel about politics and many of us have strong and different impressions of how our leaders performed last year.

We as leaders of our company have the utmost respect for our leaders, even if we don’t always agree. Leading on a daily basis is tough enough, so much is at stake under the best of conditions. 2020 threw a whole lot more into the mix and many of us had to “build the boat while going down the river.”

We have noticed that some businesses didn’t make it (some were friends of ours). We are grateful for Mr DeWine’s leadership during this past year, and most especially for his exemption for our industry. We were blessed to be allowed to continue to work and earn a living for those counting on us. So as tribute to Mr DeWine’s leadership and the team supporting him, we thought it only fitting to add him to our team (digitally, at least) to say thank you!

Also, we want to thank everyone who pulled more weight than they should have to keep this country that we love running!

God bless Ohio!

Familiar Territory

Hey Cincinnati,

It was terrific to have something familiar in a very unfamiliar year!

We started a relationship with this client nearly a decade ago. This is actually the 2nd addition we have added to their home, so it was great to be back, both seeing familiar places as well as being a part of the clients long term vision for their home that we started all those years ago!

PS, come back soon so you can see what famous person is helping them with their gardening!Not enough data for insights yetShare post

You Made It!

Happy New Year Cincinnati!

Whew! We made it! The page has been turned. Even if the world didn’t fix itself between 11:59 on 12/31 and Midnight on 1/1, it sure felt good!

We are back in the offices “making bacon” for our families, and just wanted to wish everyone out there the best 2021!

Blessings to all!

Meet Brian!

Hey Cincinnati,

It’s that time again! Time for us to brag on another team member. We briefly introduced Brian last post. Brian is the lead salesman here at Biehl Brothers contracting.

Brian started out with us working in the field and we felt he was a good fit for an opportunity on our sales team. He tells the story well, so we will let him tell you in person!

Thanks to Brian, our company has been forever changed for the better. Brian is always up for a challenge and has an amazing ability to adapt and overcome. He has taken personal responsibility for making sure all of our teams have plenty of work, and taking care of others is how he defines his success.

Thanks Brian, for all you do!

Buckeyes for a Buckeye!

Gooooood Morning Cincinnati! (trying to do the late Robin Williams some justice here)

I hope this post finds you well this last weekend before Christmas.

Chase and I feel we have the best clients anywhere, and here is the proof! Introducing Brian Janson, our lead sales guy, and graduate from THE Ohio State! When this photo was taken, he had just met with one of our long term clients on another project for their home. In addition to blessing us with work (again), they gifted him handmade Buckeyes for our entire crew. There are over 100 of those tasty gems in there. It’s such a wonderful blessing to be in a line of work where serving someone in there home can lead to close friendship.

Make it a great weekend Cincinnati!

It takes a team!

Hey Cincinnati,

It takes a good team behind any successful project. Here are two more members of our team that contributed to this deck project.

I’m sure you have put together from previous posts that the amazing photos are Eric’s handiwork. He also helped make this deck project possible by supporting the crew week to week with supplies and equipment to get the job done.

Kelly is a member of our sales team. He really did a wonderful job in bringing together all of the details to get this project right, long before our crews were ever on site. We all grateful for Kelly and his drive to make sure our crews always have plenty of work.

Thanks for stopping by!

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