Custom VS Direct Replacement Remodeling Part I

We talk with so many people a year and something that often drives the scope of a renovation is the value of the home in conjunction with how long people expect to stay in the home. 

Typically, this puts most of our clients in one of two camps.  The first are those folks that don’t intend on staying in the home more than 5-10 years. Typically in this situation, it makes good sense to keep a sharp eye on your equity position so you get the most bang for your buck when it’s time to sell.  Sometimes that comes in the form of making a little money on what you chose to invest in the home, and for many it means that the home will sell faster than what’s around it.

The second groups are those who plan on staying a lifetime.  Our grandma used to say “Honey, I’m never moving again, and so I’m making it what I want!”  (We quote her all the time and still miss her).  So, for those of you those share our grandma’s sentiment, go crazy!

These posts only hold 1500 words, so stay tuned for advice on which type of renovation is best for you!

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