I can’t bear it! Part II

Welcome back Cincinnati!

Yesterday we talked about the importance of a foundation, specifically pier foundations on decks and covered porches. Another reason dedicated piers (as opposed to setting the structure on an existing slab of concrete) is for uplift. When wind blows toward a structure, the structure blocks the wind. This makes sense. The part that is often left from the equation is that when the structure blocks the wind, the wind is redirected and must move around it somehow. Often this leads the wind to blow upwards, against the underside of a deck, or roof. Believe it or not, the wind can generate enough force to lift an entire structure. Piers coupled with proper steel connecting hardware also serve against uplift.

Just think, had Dorothy’s house been properly secured atop a sturdy foundation, the wicked witch would have lived another day!

Make it a great day Cincinnati, see you back here tomorrow!

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