OK, before this has a chance to go anywhere negative we wanted to let you know where we are coming from. We realize this last year has really amped up how most of us feel about politics and many of us have strong and different impressions of how our leaders performed last year.

We as leaders of our company have the utmost respect for our leaders, even if we don’t always agree. Leading on a daily basis is tough enough, so much is at stake under the best of conditions. 2020 threw a whole lot more into the mix and many of us had to “build the boat while going down the river.”

We have noticed that some businesses didn’t make it (some were friends of ours). We are grateful for Mr DeWine’s leadership during this past year, and most especially for his exemption for our industry. We were blessed to be allowed to continue to work and earn a living for those counting on us. So as tribute to Mr DeWine’s leadership and the team supporting him, we thought it only fitting to add him to our team (digitally, at least) to say thank you!

Also, we want to thank everyone who pulled more weight than they should have to keep this country that we love running!

God bless Ohio!

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