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Four Season Room With Deck

It’s been a busy winter, here at Biehl Brothers. This is one of the additions we completed this season. It’s a new construction addition of a Four Season Room, and an adjoining Deck. The four season room was sided with cedar and stained to match the rest of the house. Also, we replaced all of the shingles on the roof, so the new construction blends in seamlessly with the old. It’s been exciting around here, and we can’t wait to show you some other projects in the future.

mabry 1

First stage; Add the framing that will support the new deck and Four Season Room.

mabry 2

Progression; tying the new roof into the old.

mabry 3

Progression; Sheeting the new roof, almost ready for shingles

mabry 4 - Copy

Progression; Wrapping the house, getting ready for siding.

mabry 5

Progression; Windows installed, and installing cedar siding.

mabry 6

Four season room, Ready for it’s first snowy day.

mabry 8

Deck view, railing installed, ready to go.

mabry 9

After construction cleanup, a few more things and you’ll never know we were there.

mabry 10

Construction completed, Siding all stained.

mabry 14

On the deck looking in. Ready to get furniture, and throw a party!


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