Month: April 2019

We are growing…Again!

Hey Cincinnati! We wanted to get the the word out that we are looking for more amazing men and women to join our team.

If you or someone you know drools over power tools, nerds out over building products, and wants to work around and for a great bunch of people, please go to the contact tab on our website or give us a call @ 513-252-6000.

We can’t wait to talk to you!

Do you offer financing?

Why yes we do! We get this question every now and again. Sometimes it make sense when money is cheap to borrow, that you keep your cash working for you within your investments. We have a few great options ranging from short term 0% interest to 10 and 20yr options at modest rates through several 3rd party vendors. So if you find yourself considering a renovation and the idea of losing time in the market makes you ill, one of these options may be right for you!

Excuse our Dust!

Excuse our Dust!

Have you ever noticed this sign as you go into a public building or a restaurant during renovation?  Well, dust is something to consider on your next home renovation.  We have talked on stage for years at the Cincinnati home shows that fine dust on your project is like sand at the beach, it gets everywhere!   

We have a number of ways we try to curb the dust on your renovation project.  The newest and most exciting by far is our BuildClean system with HEPA filtration!  The video above is what sold us on this system for sure.  We know we can’t capture everything, but we are fighting back to make sure you have one less worry on your next project!

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