Month: December 2020

Meet Brian!

Hey Cincinnati,

It’s that time again! Time for us to brag on another team member. We briefly introduced Brian last post. Brian is the lead salesman here at Biehl Brothers contracting.

Brian started out with us working in the field and we felt he was a good fit for an opportunity on our sales team. He tells the story well, so we will let him tell you in person!

Thanks to Brian, our company has been forever changed for the better. Brian is always up for a challenge and has an amazing ability to adapt and overcome. He has taken personal responsibility for making sure all of our teams have plenty of work, and taking care of others is how he defines his success.

Thanks Brian, for all you do!

Buckeyes for a Buckeye!

Gooooood Morning Cincinnati! (trying to do the late Robin Williams some justice here)

I hope this post finds you well this last weekend before Christmas.

Chase and I feel we have the best clients anywhere, and here is the proof! Introducing Brian Janson, our lead sales guy, and graduate from THE Ohio State! When this photo was taken, he had just met with one of our long term clients on another project for their home. In addition to blessing us with work (again), they gifted him handmade Buckeyes for our entire crew. There are over 100 of those tasty gems in there. It’s such a wonderful blessing to be in a line of work where serving someone in there home can lead to close friendship.

Make it a great weekend Cincinnati!

It takes a team!

Hey Cincinnati,

It takes a good team behind any successful project. Here are two more members of our team that contributed to this deck project.

I’m sure you have put together from previous posts that the amazing photos are Eric’s handiwork. He also helped make this deck project possible by supporting the crew week to week with supplies and equipment to get the job done.

Kelly is a member of our sales team. He really did a wonderful job in bringing together all of the details to get this project right, long before our crews were ever on site. We all grateful for Kelly and his drive to make sure our crews always have plenty of work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Meet Eric.

Hey Cincinnati!

Meet Eric.

Disclaimer: My brother Chase is addicted to photo bombing!

Have you ever heard that artists and comedians see the world through different eyes? (probably not, I’m not well quoted).

Well, Chase and I really appreciate so many things about Eric. The one that we want to brag on right now is his artistry! All of these beautiful photos were not just illegally downloaded off the internet you know. No, we have Eric to thank for them!

Eric started his career with us in the field as a carpenter and we began to discover that that the list of what he can’t do is much easier to talk about.

Eric has both a passion and a gifting for photography. His eye for detail, and capturing the work our team does in unique, flattering ways is his speciality.

We are proud and grateful to have him on our team. Hopefully one day, after we have the blessing to serve your family with a project, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting him!

More Fun with Luke!

Hey Cincinnati!

Happy Sunny Wednesday! We promised to show you Luke’s “fun side” yesterday. How great is it that we get to enjoy working with someone like Luke who is is talented and fun to be around?

Speaking of fun. We had an employee appreciation day last year at a Full Throttle Go cart track. Luke had the best lap times by a landslide. Luke still sticks to his story that it’s his mad driving skills. There we those of us there that saw the computer acting funny before registering his time. So Luke has another nickname around here and it’s “glitch”.

We hope we have the opportunity to serve you with a project soon, and if Luke happens to be your project leader you can help us settle the score!

Meet Luke.

Hey Cincinnati,

Luke is one of our team leaders and since the day we hired him we have been affectionally calling him Type “O”. Basically, if you can’t get along with Luke, something is wrong. He’s about the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet.

The best part is, in addition to being a good human, he is an amazing craftsman, with a passion for making people smile through his work.

So today, enjoy the photos of his “in progress” work below, and tomorrow you’ll get to enjoy his fun side too!

If it’s 3D it’s for me!

Happy Monday Cincinnati!

Over the years we’ve noticed that so many people have difficulty visualizing their projects. I think it’s safe to say the the majority of our clients fear making “The Wrong Decision”.

We like to help ease those concerns using 3D renderings to show our clients what their project will look like before we ever start.

In this case, we think a good rendering is worth at least 1000 words!

Make it a great day Cincinnati!

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Hey Cincinnati!

Sometimes it just keeps getting better! I received a call from one of my favorite managers I had as a kid! You heard that right, nearly 20 years later, I get a call from a familiar voice that I couldn’t quite place because he saw our ad on TV!

That was a great feeling, and the project was building this deck right by their new pool. They are a wonderful family and a pleasure to serve, as most of our client are. This project was especially meaningful for another reason as well. This area is the epicenter for their children, and all their friends…especially during Covid!

We hope you appreciate the work you see, and if you look through all of the photos, you’ll get to see Brian and Jason, the dream team that made it all happen! Chase and I couldn’t be more proud of their efforts and the care that they show our clients.

Have a great weekend Cincinnati, see you next week!

Don’t threaten me with a good time!

My brother Chase has been saying that as long as I can remember!

Good evening Cincinnati!

Well, we promise, and we deliver! Proof that my brother is no stranger to a good time. It’s pretty unanimous around here that Chase gets the job done and keeps everyone’s spirts high in the process! We all stick around just to see what he is gonna do next!

Say Cheese!

Hey Cincinnati!

I’m shocked that we have had snow on the ground for 3 day now. I’m not sure if I’m more shocked that we have actual snow at all, or that the weather in Cincinnati stayed the same long enough to keep it!

I often mention my brother and co pilot Chase in these posts but you don’t get to see too much of him. I thought I’d switch it up today!

He takes a good picture (according to his wife anyway), but he likes to have fun in his photos vs just getting “shot”. That’s a bit of a tease for my next post. Stay tuned to see what happens next!😁

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