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Over the years exhibiting in Cincinnati’s home shows we’ve noticed that many people were seeking an addition to their home with as many windows as possible.  It’s not surprising really that many of us spend our days in a box and are craving sunlight!  The type of room really isn’t possible using traditional construction practices, and we didn’t believe in the systems we’ve seen represented locally.

So about a year ago, we set out to find an alternative.  We interviewed several vendors and believe we found the best possible product to bring to the Cincinnati market.  We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive dealer in the Greater Cincinnati area for Livingspace Sunrooms!   Just imagine yourself in one of these beautiful customized spaces feeling the sun while curled up reading a book or playing with the kids, all with no bugs!  The best part is that we can configure your room to look just like your existing home’s exterior (brick, siding, ect) or add windows from floor to ceiling.  Please take a moment to see the photos of our latest project, and we hope to talk to you soon!

Our Deck Remodel was Featured in House Trends Magazine

We do a lot of beautiful work these days, especially around the Greater Cincinnati area, but we’re exceptionally proud of this particular deck remodeling project. It was a lot of fun to design and build, the client was enormously happy with the end result, and our work was featured in the well-known luxury homes publication, House Trends magazine!

The project was for a client that wanted a space that was classy enough to entertain large gatherings without being over the top. We knew what he had in mind and set to work creating a space that feels upscale yet right at-home.

One of the Biehl Brothers, Ryan, was interviewed by House Trends writers for the editorial and had some great quotes about our construction and creative process;

“[The Client] didn’t want it to just look like a deck tacked on to the back of the house,” Ryan says. “He wanted something a bit unique. Something that would stand out.”

We worked with the client’s ideas and morphed the project into something a bit bigger than intended, but right on the mark. It was the perfect blend of beauty, function, and comfort.

“In fact, making guests feel comfortable was one of the owner’s biggest drivers,” Ryan says. “This space is all about entertaining, and he is an incredible host.”

We’re proud to have worked on such a wonderful backyard space and look forward to bringing similar beauty and outdoor function to the backyards and private homes of Southwestern Ohio!

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