Bid compliance. You’re the expert!?

Welcome back Cincinnati! The next topic in our series,  bid compliance.  There are a number of consumer publications out there that protect us when we go to purchase a new car, or a vacuum sweeper.  What about home remodeling?   Here is the scenario.  You’re working toward your due diligence.  You’ve interviewed and collected quotes for your upcoming bathroom project and you want to know why there are differences in the price.  Enter bid compliance.  Your mission is to now try to figure out if everyone bid the exact same project you described, what is included, and often more important, excluded.  Over the years, we have seen many people turn to a spreadsheet (I just heard a faint roar of applause from all the Excel users out there!).  That’s a great way to get clarity.  This exercise often reveals a lot of questions and that’s what we encourage.  Ask, A LOT of questions!  It’s nearly impossible to have too much communication on a remodeling project.  Anybody out there ever have a misunderstanding with your spouse?  You’re making a big decision with the help of a stranger!  The communication and prep before the dust ever starts to fly is the single best way to ensure a terrific finished project and is the #1 difference between enjoying your project and surviving it.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking question of your contractor, or the answers don’t fill in the cells of your spreadsheet, look elsewhere!

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