Don’t Wait ’till you Move!

I took a call yesterday from a couple looking to downsize now that the kids are out of the home. We’ve had many calls like this over the years. One indelible memory I have is working for a wonderful gentleman in Sharonville, renovating a least a part of his entire home as he was listing to sell.

We completed the renovations and he was very complimentary of our work, but something seemed off. I pried a bit as I have a habit of doing, and he said something to me I’ll never forget. He said ” I love what you were able to do with my home, I just can’t believe I worked all these years just to give it away, never being able to enjoy it myself!”. That was a very bittersweet moment for Chase and I.

I guess the thought of the day is, always weigh your options and do what is fiscally responsible for your family. Just remember to factor in to your calculations that a home renovation that fits your life is a breath of fresh air, a reassuring and relaxing feeling, much needed at the end of your long day!

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