Good morning Cincinnati!

Today seems like a great time to talk a bit about the average time lines on decks.

If your planning on rebuilding an existing average size deck with new decking, rails, and we will recommend making structural and code updates. You should plan on 1 – 2 weeks for that, but if your thinking about a new deck from scratch, most can be completed in 2-4 weeks.

Keep logistics and purpose in mind. Decks require alot of consideration as they are usually built on the back of a home and may not always have easy access. We have worked on decks that offered stunning views of the city, but the terrain was so steep the we had to build a full set of scaffolding just to get to the location. Purpose built decks that will serve as a foundation for a roof covering, or decks designed to carry the load of outdoor kitchens, and/or hot tubs will require more time for piering and building a more robust frame.

Thanks for taking a look! Get out there this awesome Friday and make somebody else’s day!

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