It’s what’s in the middle that counts!

!  Installment #2

Remodeling is funny thing.  It’s not like purchasing most other things.  We are so accustomed to getting online, finding which widget we want to buy, and then finding the lowest price on that widget.  We click a few times and it gets set on our porch in a brown box waiting to greet us, almost like a surprise after a hard day’s work. 

That is a wonderful way to buy items where the only variable are price, vendor, and whether or not you get free shipping.  NOT a good way to go about hiring a contractor!

We’ve talked to many people over the years and the assumption is that if it has Remodeling Project  A at the top of the quote, and a number that looks good at the bottom, everything in the middle is the same.  We are sorry to say, that’s just not the case!

Purchasing remodeling is more like going to a sandwich shop.  If the top slice of bread is the project, and the bottom slice of bread is the price, isn’t what’s in the middle make all the difference?  You need your local sandwich artist to really listen and know if you want that bread toasted, are we talking bologna here or the good stuff?  Is that avocado extra?   We have to stop, because it’s too early for lunch! 

You get the point.  In this particular installment, we are talking about quality of products.  You’ve worked hard and are spending good money on this project.  Shouldn’t you get the good stuff?  We spec out higher grades of paint to allow for a great finish, lower odors, a cleanable finish, and mildew resistance.  Our shower systems carry a 20 year warranty.  Our sunrooms are constructed of fiberglass, vinyl and high end glass just to name a few….and we haven’t even talked about service yet.  The next time your collecting quotes for a project your family has been dreaming about make sure to ask a lot of questions about what’s in the middle, or you may get served something you just won’t eat.

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