Hey Cincinnati! We all know there are a ton of jokes when it comes to this phrase.  What difference does size make in remodeling?  Well, just like the picture illustrates, the size of a company has limiting factors upon the size and scope of the projects they can effectively undertake.  When you consider a contractor for your next project, you may want to ask a few questions about the size of the company and consider how that overlays with the requirements of your project.   We have noticed as we have grown, that we are no longer a fit for handyman type work, just as we know we are not big enough to build a shopping center either.  Our sweet spot is project based work (bathrooms, kitchens, decks, additions, sunrooms, garages, whole home renovations ect).  You should know that this also affects the price at the bottom of your quote.   Small companies who operate out of their home have a different cost profile than companies that need to support an office, a fleet of vehicles, and company benefits.  This also has some bearing should something unexpected happen.  A larger company may have the resources to continue on with your project should someone get hurt or ill.  Every year, we get at least a few calls from  homeowners  that go on to explain that the contractor who began the work has a terrible illness, or is dealing with one in the family and cannot finish the work. 

 We try to take the “Goldilocks ” approach.  We are not too big or too small.  Hopefully we are just right for you!

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