Hello Cincinnati,

You really never know when, where, or how inspiration may strike.  It was a picture perfect day as I walked out of the permit office in downtown Hamilton (oh. and before I go on, we just want to give a big THANK YOU to the team at the Butler County Building and Zoning as well as Butler County General Health District for working hard to keep us working!)

We just talked about core values in our previous blog and I found our next blog….on the sidewalk?  Well, sort of, more like in the sidewalk!  There lied this quote from Alexander Hamilton:

“When all the different kinds of industry obtain in a community each individual can find his proper element, and can call into activity the whole of his nature, and the community is benefited by the services of hit’s respective members in the manner in which each can serve it with the most effect.”

All we can do is agree with Mr. Hamilton (who has been quoted on many things).  This idea is what we strive for here at Biehl Brothers, we evolve as a company by everyone who chooses to join us, their fingerprints alter our course, and their passions have a meaningful effect.

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