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Don’t Wait ’till you Move!

I took a call yesterday from a couple looking to downsize now that the kids are out of the home. We’ve had many calls like this over the years. One indelible memory I have is working for a wonderful gentleman in Sharonville, renovating a least a part of his entire home as he was listing to sell.

We completed the renovations and he was very complimentary of our work, but something seemed off. I pried a bit as I have a habit of doing, and he said something to me I’ll never forget. He said ” I love what you were able to do with my home, I just can’t believe I worked all these years just to give it away, never being able to enjoy it myself!”. That was a very bittersweet moment for Chase and I.

I guess the thought of the day is, always weigh your options and do what is fiscally responsible for your family. Just remember to factor in to your calculations that a home renovation that fits your life is a breath of fresh air, a reassuring and relaxing feeling, much needed at the end of your long day!

We are growing…Again!

Hey Cincinnati! We wanted to get the the word out that we are looking for more amazing men and women to join our team.

If you or someone you know drools over power tools, nerds out over building products, and wants to work around and for a great bunch of people, please go to the contact tab on our website or give us a call @ 513-252-6000.

We can’t wait to talk to you!

Do you offer financing?

Why yes we do! We get this question every now and again. Sometimes it make sense when money is cheap to borrow, that you keep your cash working for you within your investments. We have a few great options ranging from short term 0% interest to 10 and 20yr options at modest rates through several 3rd party vendors. So if you find yourself considering a renovation and the idea of losing time in the market makes you ill, one of these options may be right for you!

Excuse our Dust!

Excuse our Dust!

Have you ever noticed this sign as you go into a public building or a restaurant during renovation?  Well, dust is something to consider on your next home renovation.  We have talked on stage for years at the Cincinnati home shows that fine dust on your project is like sand at the beach, it gets everywhere!   

We have a number of ways we try to curb the dust on your renovation project.  The newest and most exciting by far is our BuildClean system with HEPA filtration!  The video above is what sold us on this system for sure.  We know we can’t capture everything, but we are fighting back to make sure you have one less worry on your next project!

Get the Best Reviews!

Whenever we talk at home shows about how to hire the right contractor, we talk about the different review sites. We have been a member of Guild Quality for more than 5 years now and boy do they get it right! Guild Quality only surveys the the construction industry and they do a terrific job. We had the privilege of getting to know Gavin MacDonald of Guild Quality at the Livingspace Dealer Summit we attended in Nashville. He asked if he could interview me. Even with a face made for radio, I felt it would be a good thing to continue to spread the word! So, I thought I might include it here. Enjoy!

Nearly Famous!

Ryan and I got to be famous on Tuesday! Because we are Silver Sponsors for the Dearborn County Home Builders Association Home And Garden Show next weekend, they put us on air! Travis “Double T” gave us seven minutes of fame. He asked us questions about our company and what we would be exhibiting at the show. It was such a fun experience. At one time I was going to go to school to be a DJ, so getting to be in a real studio where they play great country music for the community was pretty surreal. Thank you Eagle Country 99.3 WSCH!!

Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo

Hey Cincinnati, this is your ticket out of the cold this weekend! Come and see us at the Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo! We will presenting on Saturday at 4:30pm and Sunday at Noon. We’d love to see you there!

Size Matters!


Hey Cincinnati! We all know there are a ton of jokes when it comes to this phrase.  What difference does size make in remodeling?  Well, just like the picture illustrates, the size of a company has limiting factors upon the size and scope of the projects they can effectively undertake.  When you consider a contractor for your next project, you may want to ask a few questions about the size of the company and consider how that overlays with the requirements of your project.   We have noticed as we have grown, that we are no longer a fit for handyman type work, just as we know we are not big enough to build a shopping center either.  Our sweet spot is project based work (bathrooms, kitchens, decks, additions, sunrooms, garages, whole home renovations ect).  You should know that this also affects the price at the bottom of your quote.   Small companies who operate out of their home have a different cost profile than companies that need to support an office, a fleet of vehicles, and company benefits.  This also has some bearing should something unexpected happen.  A larger company may have the resources to continue on with your project should someone get hurt or ill.  Every year, we get at least a few calls from  homeowners  that go on to explain that the contractor who began the work has a terrible illness, or is dealing with one in the family and cannot finish the work. 

 We try to take the “Goldilocks ” approach.  We are not too big or too small.  Hopefully we are just right for you!

Bid compliance. You’re the expert!?

Welcome back Cincinnati! The next topic in our series,  bid compliance.  There are a number of consumer publications out there that protect us when we go to purchase a new car, or a vacuum sweeper.  What about home remodeling?   Here is the scenario.  You’re working toward your due diligence.  You’ve interviewed and collected quotes for your upcoming bathroom project and you want to know why there are differences in the price.  Enter bid compliance.  Your mission is to now try to figure out if everyone bid the exact same project you described, what is included, and often more important, excluded.  Over the years, we have seen many people turn to a spreadsheet (I just heard a faint roar of applause from all the Excel users out there!).  That’s a great way to get clarity.  This exercise often reveals a lot of questions and that’s what we encourage.  Ask, A LOT of questions!  It’s nearly impossible to have too much communication on a remodeling project.  Anybody out there ever have a misunderstanding with your spouse?  You’re making a big decision with the help of a stranger!  The communication and prep before the dust ever starts to fly is the single best way to ensure a terrific finished project and is the #1 difference between enjoying your project and surviving it.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking question of your contractor, or the answers don’t fill in the cells of your spreadsheet, look elsewhere!

A big thank you!

Hey everyone!  Thanks so much to those of you who visited us at the Sharonville Remodeling Expo this weekend despite the weather!  Also, thanks to those people who work hard to make it such a great show.   We think that this weekend was our best show ever, and we still have another weekend to go!

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