Years ago, Chase and I hired a business coach to help in getting our company to the next level.  We felt we had some acute needs at the time and we were searching for answers for those specific needs.  We’ve found over the years that sometimes looking for specific answers to specific needs and questions is its own blessing and curse.

In some cases, narrowing the search is the way to go, in others your focus keeps you from seeing the problem.  Chase and I have always said the best thing about our company is our people and the culture they carry wherever we go.

So there we were, spending very expensive time sitting with our business coach and instead of working on the problems that were top of mind for us, we were (heavily) encouraged to spend time putting down our core values.  We felt at the time that this was not the best use of our time, but as my brother always says, “you don’t go to the doctor to examine yourself”.  So, we complied and spent a good part of our day writing down what was important to us into the form of Core Values.

We made the opportunity to talk about our Core Values whenever possible. Wouldn’t you know it, they snuck into so many of our business decisions before we realized what was happening!  We found that we had to say goodbye to some of the people we worked with.  Which sounds sad to say, but when everyone realizes that the way they prefer to work isn’t compatible with the group at large, it’s usually a relief.  This allows everyone the opportunity to find something they do align with which makes work life a joy.  That then allowed us to get far better at hiring, and finding people that enjoy the same things we do, which was like striking a match to rocket fuel for our business.

To this day, my brother and I are SO glad we got over ourselves and the challenges of the moment to let the wisdom of Core Values into our company.  It’s changed how we “people” forever!

Also, a very special thank you to Cassidy, who generously agreed to be our Core Values spokesmodel!
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