Hey Cincinnati!

One of the things I see show up so often in our modern culture is the love of choices.  One of the most notable is our food.  Restaurants such as Chipotle, Bipibop, and Piada have done a great job of recognizing this and it seems to have paid off in spades for them.  How are these restaurants able to stray from the typical choose by number combo meal, offer a wide variety of choices and still manage to fit inside your lunch break (most of the time)?  

I would answer – Process!  These restaurants have worked very hard to systematize all they possibly  can in order to offer you a literal smorgasbord of options so you can personalize your meal in minutes.  We count on this type of process more in the busyness of our daily lives than I believe we take in.

I was struck by this again today as I looked at our process (BBC Way).  Our process is the result of 20 years of finding the best ways of helping our clients navigate through endless options when they consider a renovation project.  This allows our clients to enjoy the process and feel cared for along the way.  In fact, we call The Biehl Brother Way, a living document, as we are constantly finding new ways to improve and simplify all we do.

Thanks for giving this a look, we hope to serve you soon!

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